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The PTB Testing Instructions are intended to serve as a basis and guideline for the testing of measuring instruments and apparatus. The substantial part of the Testing Instructions thus is the detailed description of the testing procedures, the standard devices required and other testing means.same parameters of operation. PTB 420 mechanics showing the measuring area, force sensor and alignment jaws PTB 420 – Automated Tablet Testing Instrument PTAG_29-04000_PTB420_V1.1E Page 4 of 11 Optional Equipment The optional tablet transport magazine holds 10 samples, with a maximal diameter of 22mm and a maximum width of 30mm. The magazine is connected to the PTB 420 instrument by means.

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Operation and Safety Manual - Platform Hire - Operation and Safety Manual Original Instructions - Keep this manual with the machine at all times. TOUCAN 10E TOUCAN 26E 31210088 May 11, 2010 ® AS English.Feb 5, 2018 10th for the ultrasonic gas flow rate meter USZ08 is the document and specifications of these operating instructions. The latest version of this .

Parkside PTBM 500 A1 Manuals Manuals and User Guides for Parkside PTBM 500 A1. We have 2 Parkside PTBM 500 A1 manuals available for free PDF download: Translation Of Original Operation Manual, Original Operation Manual.II (2) GD. PTB 01 ATEX 3331. Observe manual Manual. Page 28. ZE-0.24. 014285. ZE-0.4. 014300. ZE-0.6. 014333. ZE-1.0. 014376. ZE-1.6. 014432 Overload relays greater than 150 A, CT-operated overload relays. Setting range.

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  1. IIC(B) T3-T6 Gb. II 2D Ex tb IIIC T200-85 °C Db These operating instructions apply to explosionMproof with mains voltage oscillations of up to “10.AC Operated Contactors, High Interruption Capacity 6-24. Integrated with allows a manual motor starter to be applied in individual installa- tions between a On Request. PTB Test. On Request. On Request. Frontal Auxiliary Blocks.

  2. Operating Manual 7 Instructions ATB/PTB test bench – V.1.3 1.2 Transmission Loss The Transmission Loss (TL) is the sound power attenuation of a sound.The purpose of this manual is to familiarise the owner/operator with the machine, and offer guidance to ensure it is operated both safely and correctly for its designated task. The parts section is designed to familiarise the owner/operator with replaceable parts.

  3. Myron L® Company – ULTRAPEN™ PT5 – Operation Manual Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and Temperature Pen PT5OM 08-17 1 INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing the Myron L® Company Ultrapen™ PT5 Dissolved Oxygen.This document is the second edition of the ASME Section VIII – Division 1 example problem manual. The purpose of this second edition is to update the example problems to keep current with the changes incorporated into the 2013 edition of the ASME B PV Code, Section VIII, Division.

3.5.1 Instructions for the TRIVAC D 5 E - D 10 E 21. 3.5.2 Instructions for the TRIVAC D 16 E 22. 3.6. Full Maintenance.chapter 2_____ product description vaisala _____.

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Vacuum circuit-breaker – high duty. Instruction manual BA 359/10 E Observe the relevant information in the instruction manual for all actions involving switchgear and the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Braunschweig .This manual contains notices which you should observe to ensure your own personal safety, as well as to pro- Contactors with an extended operating range (3RH1122-2K.40, 3RT1017-2K.4.,. 3RT102.-3K.40) 10E or 01) for contactors with 3 or 5 auxiliary contacts.

operated in either fully automatic or manual modes, or a combination of automatic and manual One Audit Test Bed (PTB-915). 6. lated Electrification Period per ANSI/ESD STM11.11, 7.5 second 0.1 ohms to 10E+12 Ohms. Programmed .TL7 : Capillary leak with helium gas reservoir and manual valve Adjustable leak rate in the range between 10E-3 to 10E-5 mbar l /s with a calibrated leak having a PTB certificate; Inspection certificate ( included ) in accordance to DIN Manuals. Operation Manual TL7 |EN| |DE| · Operation Manual TL8 & TL9 |EN| |DE| .