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Owner Vaccination Guidelines for Cats and Dogs. Vaccination Guidelines for Owners and Breeders of Cats and Dogs 2015 (PDF). Vaccination Guidelines for Owners and Breeders of Cats and Dogs 2015 - Russian (PDF).

  • Vaccination Guidelines offer important updates to the 2011 Guidelines. The content of the Guidelines has been significantly expanded to facilitate efforts by practicing veterinarians to meet patient and client needs in a complex infectious disease environment. The Guidelines are an authoritative source of evidence-based recommendations and expert opinion provided by the AAHA Canine Vaccination.


  • Feb 25, 2019 The first WSAVA guidelines were produced in 2007 (Phase I project) and these were updated in 2010 (Phase II project) and 2015 (Phase.

  • World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) Vaccination Guidelines Group in 2015. The article discusses how veterinarians in the UK might adapt .

  • The aim of this presentation is to review the current global guidelines for canine vaccination and to consider how they might apply to veterinary practice in Asia as considered by the WSAVA Vaccination Guidelines Group (VGG) during their 2-year project.

The most extensive guidelines come from the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) Vaccination Guidelines Group (VGG) who provide global advice on canine and feline vaccination to the 175,000 veterinarians in 86 WSAVA member countries.

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The WSAVA Executive Board (EB) is composed of volunteer veterinarians, who are responsible for the oversight and strategy of the WSAVA. Currently, there is an opening on the EB for another 'Board Member'. This position has a 2-year term and will start after the WSAVA World Congress 2019 in Toronto, Canada. Find more information.

  1. WSAVA Global Companion Animal Welfare Guidelines anesthetics/analgesics, etc), biologicals (e.g., vaccines, etc), parasiticides, and .

  2. Feb 25, 2019 Vaccination Guidelines 2015 - Simplified Chinese (PDF). animal practitioners: a report of the WSAVA Vaccination Guidelines Group (PDF).

  3. More from WSAVA 2015-2017 – From Prof. Michael J. Day • Vaccination should be just one part of a holistic preventive healthcare program for pets that is most simply delivered within the framework of an annual health.

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Jan 4, 2016 WSAVA GUIDELINES FOR THE VACCINATION OF DOGS AND CATS (full version). Free Access. WSAVA Guidelines for the vaccination.

Jan 4, 2016 The WSAVA Vaccination Guidelines Group (VGG) was convened in order to 2014). In 2014 and 2015, the VGG has worked on updating the .