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The Lada 4×4, formerly called the Lada Niva is the Russian word for "cornfield"), The new car was inspired in part by the IZh-14 prototype of 1974. 5-door station wagon (VAZ-2131) in Cuba. 5,000 rpm, a four-speed manual transmission (starting with new model from 1994, a 5 speed), and a full-time four-wheel drive.Rare Vaz operation manual for; 2108 21081 21083 21086 21087 21088 In USED condition but complete and fully readable. Images of car taken from google show the car to be similar to the Lada Samara.Results 1 - 30 of 30 12V 12 Volt Car Electric Power Window Master Control Switch With (VAZ-2131 Niva), doors Windows which do not have vents. This kit will convert your current manual door locks to the convenience of power locks.Long-wheelbase versions - the five-door VAZ-2131 and three-door model, a 1.6L and a 1.7L, along with two transmissions, a 4-speed or a 5-speed manual. Car manufacturer Bognor in Uruguay assembled a version of the Niva, called extra battery, air conditioning, remote control door lock, right from the driver.

Ф. 538. User manual for. LADA 4x4 and its versions. JSC AVTOVAZ •TOGLIATTI•RUSSIA VAZ-2131 car model LADA 4x4 Urban VEHICLE VERSION.The Lada 4×4, formerly called the Lada Niva is an off-road vehicle designed and produced by 5-speed manual (1993–present) Niva also conquered the North pole in 1998, when the lengthened VAZ-2131 Niva (5 door was dropped via parachute on ice and successfully completed its route operating on average .VAZ-2110, VAZ-2111, VAZ-2112 - manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle. This guide.The alternator of your VAZ (Lada) 2131 (4×4) is a key part if you want to make usage of your car. That very small part enables you to start your car when it is stopped and recharges battery of your VAZ (Lada) 2131 (4×4).

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The chapters of the manual give full descriptions of VAZ-21213 vehicle units. The Manual provides a detailed description of service operations.PURPOSE AND BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE CAR Niva VAZ-2121—passenger car vehicles used for the carriage of passengers and cargo Vaz-2121 ' Niva service manual Register.Download free - VAZ 21213 (NIVA) manual repair and maintenance: Image:… by 21213 "Niva" - a multimedia user guide / instruction on repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.

In addition on VAZ 2131 Niva the air conditioner, the hatch in a car roof, more powerful engine of 1.8 litres, interior with furnish lux and an anti-theft system can be established. By request VAZ 2131 Niva can be completed with diesel engine Peugeot of 1,9 l. The car VAZ 2131-05 is used in countryside medical institutions.(Vaz 2121 series) Operator’s Manual This Manual contains a description of the Lada Niva car, description of its' parts, driving tips and specifications. This Manual was scanned from an original Manual supplied with a 1989 Niva 1600. Some details may have changed for subsequent Niva models, notably the Niva 1700 Bushmaster. This Manual complements the Niva Maintenance Manual which.Before you start operating your car please study carefully the pres-ent operation manual which presents information on its design features.LADA NIVA 2131 - five-doors 4x4 vehicle, retain all their advantages car LADA NIVA 21213. Permanent four-wheel drive, a differential lock, high ground clearance, small body overhangs allow any drive.

First, the actual "LADA Niva", "short" VAZ-21213, followed by a longLADA NIVA 2131 or VAZ-2131 with the once working, but Family LADA Niva good design-design cars that bring comfort of the LADA NIVA 2131 - five-doors 4x4 vehicle, retain all their advantages car LADA NIVA 21213. manual 5 forward.Workshop manual, service and repair of VAZ Lada 21213, 21214, 21215. This workshop manual is written in English. This workshop manual is written in English. Tamaño the archive.Results 1 - 14 of 14 (VAZ-2131 Niva), doors Windows which do not have vents. Convert your car or trucks manual style windows to automatic power windows with this Well executed and safety window breakage function to boot! Well made .VAZ 2131 1.8 is a 5 doors estate/station wagon/combi car equipped with a 1774 cc 81 ps Petrol (Gasoline) engine. This 1.8 liter engine generates 81 ps at 5200 rpm rpm and its max torque value.