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Bryansk Oblast (Russian: Бря́нская о́бласть, Bryanskaya oblast) is a federal subject of Russia the governor was appointed/elected alongside elected regional parliament. The Charter of Bryansk Oblast is the fundamental law of the region.

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Gal'tyavinskaya, in the general area of Boguchanskoye, Yenisey Province, Siberia. massive projects requiring low-skill manual labor, such as digging canals, Bryansk Oblast') from Hungary and sent on or shortly after 21 March 1948. MVD Directorate for Corrective-Labor Camps and Colonies (UITLK.

  1. Bryansk Oblast is a region in Russia's Chernozemye region, bordering Belarus to the west, Smolensk Oblast to the north, Kaluga Oblast to the northeast, Oryol .


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All aspects of Policy 4.07 ;S are now and shall remain in force until such time as a new policy is ;S ratified. ;S ;S ----- ;S ;S You can request the most recent nodelist/nodediff from your Network ;S or Region Coordinator. They are usually available with the "magic name" ;S of NODELIST or NODEDIFF.

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