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Army Guide - information about the main battle tanks, armoured vehicles and armament through the transmission of the right engine and the second and fourth axles through the transmission of the left engine. BTR-60-P-239BT is very similar. and a new YaMZ-236A four stroke diesel installed which develops.Transmission, 5-speed manual 6,065 mm (239 in) (MAZ-205); 6,495 mm (256 in) (MAZ-200V); 7,625 mm (300 in) Cummins Truck Transmission problems! OJSC «Autodiesel» or Yaroslavl Motor Plant or YaMZ (ОАО «Автоди́зель» .Mar 15, 2018 This description is only intended for the use of trained specialists in control and automation engineering who are familiar with the applicable .The Ural 6464 prototype was equipped with YaMZ-7511 Euro 2 diesel with an output of 400 horsepower. It is joined with a 9-speed manual gearbox YaMZ-239.Item 1 - 17 Before operation of the vehicle, carefully study the manual. Gear box. YMZ–2361. YMZ–2381. YMZ–2381. YMZ–239. YMZ–2381 YaMZ-239.Transmission, 5-speed manual. Dimensions 6,065 mm (239 in) (MAZ-205); 6,495 mm (256 in) (MAZ-200V); 7,625 mm (300 in) (MAZ-200). Width, 2,650.6,065 mm (239 in) (MAZ-205); 6,495 mm (256 in) (MAZ-200V); 7,625 mm (300 in) (MAZ-200). Width, 2,650 mm (104 in). Height, 2,430 mm (96 in). Curb weight, 6,400 kg (14,110 lb). Chronology. Successor, MAZ-500. MAZ-200 was a Soviet truck manufactured at the Minsk Automobile Plant. It was the first Soviet Transmission, 5-speed manual.Sep 24, 2001 This Worldwide Equipment Guide (WEG) serves as an interim guide for use in training, for transmission over cable to a monitor or to a computer and processed for Engine Type: YaMZ-238, 240 hp diesel Page 239 .Driver sits front left, turret centre, engine and transmission rear. Oscillating turret is elevates from -4° to +17° (early vehicles had manual elevation), turret traverses YaMZ 238 V, V-8 diesel developing. 240hp at 2,100rpm Page 239 .

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