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KEROSENE/DIESEL PORTABLE FORCED AIR HEATERS OWNER’S MANUAL IMPORTANT: Read this owner’s manual carefully and completely before trying to assemble, operate, or ser- To Burner Air Output Filter Air Pump Air Intake Filter Cool Air In Fan Combustion Chamber Ignitor Motor Ignition Control.

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Reset manual overload by depressing the thermal switch on the outside of the motor or starter after the motor has cooled. Check mechanical function and electrical signal to relay by testing for continuity on #2 and #4 of the time delay. Burner will not fire, plus diesel fumes are emitted from the exhaust port.

READ and UNDERSTAND this Owner's Manual and the Engine Owner's Manual Burner Fuel. #1 or #2 Diesel, B5 or lower Biodiesel, Kerosene.

2. 240010964 REV. G [12/12/2016]. Furnace. Model. Cabinet. Plenum Openings. Flue. Diameter. Filter Information and specifications outlined in this manual in effect at the Loosen four (4) nuts fastening oil burner assembly to furnace.

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To get the best use of your pressure washer, please read the manual carefully. 2. Fill the diesel burner fuel tank with #2 diesel fuel, kerosene, or approved .

  1. COMBUSTION OF NUMBER 2 FUEL OIL, DOMESTIC PRESSURE ATOMIZING OIL BURNERS, PUMPS PIPING, CONTROLS is used for diesel fuel where minimum exhaust odor and smoke are desired. As of July 1, 1998, this product may be dyed. it is important to either convert the liquid fuel to a gas in the burner.

  2. Incorrect installation, adjustment, or misuse of this burner could result in 12Vdc Oil Burner Manual Burner Application Scope and Intended.

  3. Commercial Oil Specification Guide · Commercial Gas Specification Guide · – Suggested Specification CG10 · – Commercial Burners Cross-Reference Guide .

Diesel-Burner: Turn the Diesel-Burner switch ON; reference Figure 3 This procedure will activate the Diesel-Burner and the indicator light located adjacent to the Diesel-Burner switch Allow 10-20 minutes for the Aqua-Hot System to reach operating tem-perature Please note that the Diesel-Burner is theprimary.

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flame sensor, operates an oil burner and optional oil 2. Check ratings given in these instructions and on the product to make sure the product is suitable for .

Burner Type: Fuel Oil Fired, 343,000 BTU/Hr. 2. Know how to stop the machine and bleed pressure quickly. Be thoroughly familiar with the controls.